April 12, 2024
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Origins Game Mechanics: Wekapedia

Origins Game Mechanics: Wekapedia

Origins Game Mechanics: Wekapedia

A deeper look into the world of Origins: the fall of Azoria with focus on your personal info centre, Wekapedia.

Hey Dreamers! Don’t worry, this isn’t a typo. Today in our Game Mechanics article we’ll give you some info about our in-game encyclopaedia, (cleverly?) called Wekapedia! It's a play on words you see you combine work Weka and… well, you get it… Anyways, let’s get into the important stuff!

It's common knowledge that the majority of players have a bit of an allergy when it comes to reading stuff. Understandable, most of the time skipping through the text to gather the most important bits of information saves precious time. Well, since we respect your time, our Wekapedia will basically allow you to negate all the hard work we put into each dialogue (no hard feelings, promise) and give you the important bits logged into it!

Let's pick some examples, shall we? Say you’ve had a chat with someone and got some information about “Reok”, these guys have a reputation for being very gentle and secretive. Depending on where you get the information from, it’ll unlock parts of their lore. The more you discover about them, more information will be available. To unlock the image you need to talk to an actual character or member of the representative race, otherwise you’ll only see a black silhouette. 

An example of Wekapedia entry describing Reok race.

Similarly whenever dealing with concepts like Organic Matter, you will be given some information when picking it up for the first time. So assuming you grab some Jelly Pads Droplets, you unlock the name, image (obviously), properties(alternative name?) and the “source” of the organic matter. Depending on how you procure the OM, you’ll unlock that as a source, of which there could be more than one of course!

Wekapedia OM Entry - NOT FINAL PRE ALPHA

If there’s any concept that exists in the game, whether it’s a spell, enemy type or an NPC, Wekapedia will be there to log all the information you’ve gathered either by interaction or conversation about relevant topics.

So for all those who try to minimise reading and skipping the dialogue (again, no hard feelings here, honestly), Wekapedia should be just right up your alley. Get all the necessary information at the tip of your fingers. 

Sure, there MIGHT be some more intricate dialogues or prompts in the game, but that’s for those completionists who actually go through their adventures paying extra attention to small hints scattered around the world (kudos to all the players who do that!). 

Everyone has their own playstyle, but it’s all about getting enjoyment out of it in the end. 

Whichever playstyle you favour personally, Wekapedia will help you out each step of the way. 

Knowledge is power, use it well and when in doubt, whip the Wekapedia out.

Stay informed out there Dreamers!

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