April 12, 2024
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Origins Game Mechanics: Crystal Infusion

Origins Game Mechanics: Crystal Infusion

A deeper look into the world of Origins: the fall of Azoria game mechanics and lore

And we’re back with another instalment of Origins Game Mechanics. This time we’ll talk about Crystal Infusion and what you may need to create it. Let's take this show on the road, shall we?

Last time in our article about Extraction and Crystal Charging we talked about recharging an Infused Crystal. But where do you get such a crystal from, you might ask. Well, first of all, you will need an empty crystal. 

Empty crystal ingredient.

Mind blowing, for sure but it gets even trickier so let’s keep ourselves focused! These can be found anywhere in the realm of Azoria so explore carefully!

Crystal cave full of massive crystals.

Step one complete! For the sake of simplification let’s assume you’ve also found some required OM for the recipe. A Recipe? Indeed! A Crystal Infusion is basically crafting an item that will assist you. 

An infused Resonance crystal, ready to be placed into your equipment.
Infused Resonance Crystal — NOT FINAL PRE ALPHA

These can range from supportive effects like healing, to a more direct way of dealing with “problems”, such as offensive spells. Not to say it’s only about taking the fight to your enemies, but undoing your wounds won’t “make the problem go away” if you catch our drift. Then again nothing cuts adventure short like an empty health bar… 

It’s decided then! Let’s prepare the Life Force Crystal to keep you nice and healthy through the adventure.

We’ve got our ingredients ready, now let’s get a little bit technical. 

For the “Life Force Crystal” we’ll need “Life Force” property from our Organic Matter. That will be our “core” ingredient for this recipe. 

Red Fern organic matter ingredient.

Next we’ll need to combine it with the “catalyst” to get the mystical process going.

Yellow Glowing Mushroom organic matter ingredient.
Yellow Glowing Mushroom — NOT FINAL PRE ALPHA

For example: Our Life Force Crystal requires “Life Force” property as the “core” and then either “Lifesteal” or “Resistance” for the “catalyst”. 

To get a Life Force Crystal with 100 charges, we’ll need equal parts of the “core” and “catalyst”. So 100 units of Life Force for the “core” will require 100 units of “Lifesteal” or “Resistance” for “catalyst”. 

You can use up to 3 different OM ingredients that fit the “core” requirement and up to 2 for the “catalyst”.

Resonance table infusion menu.
Infusion Screen — NOT FINAL PRE ALPHA

Once they both match in the quantity, you press the shiny Infuse button and you’ve got yourself a brand new, straight off the printing press Life Force Crystal! 

Infused Life Force crystal, ready to be used in your equipment.
Infused Life Force Crystal — NOT FINAL PRE ALPHA

Best get acquainted with it soon, staying alive tends to be a monumental part of exploration! 

All this talk about staying in one piece, but sometimes being on the offensive can help you stay alive, so next time we’ll talk about Modular Weapons! 

Once you’re out there exploring the world, best to walk softly and carry a big staff! We’ll share what makes our “Modular Staff” special in the next Game Mechanics: Modular weapons article.

We’ll see you there!

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