April 12, 2024
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Origins Game Mechanics: Power Glove

Origins Game Mechanics: Power Glove

A deeper look into the world of Origins: the fall of Azoria with focus on Power Gloves and their abilities.

Welcome back to our game mechanics articles, Dreamers! This time we’ll talk about our Power gloves and how they’re meant to make your exploration of the world of Azoria a little bit safer. Let’s begin our adventure!

Power gloves share some similarities with the modular weapons. Each glove comes with a specific tier level. Each tier creates a level requirement for your Avatar, in return they offer more powerful buffs for your character. 

A "regular" power glove to enhance your avatars power.

Of course there is also rarity attached to each potential find. So keep your fingers crossed on finding those legendaries during your exploration of Azoria!

A bit more "rare" combat glove to further empower your player character.

As we’ve mentioned in our previous article about modular weapons, power gloves have a special ability similar to the Modular Staff. Namely it comes with 2 crystal slots that unlock spells relevant to inserted crystals, which you can switch on the fly outside of combat in your inventory. 

Inventory screen with power glove and infused crystal in both slots to add two spells.
Power Glove Spell Slots - NOT FINAL PRE ALPHA

While they will offer some offensive spells, their main focus will be keeping you protected and healed during and out of combat.

After all, gloves are primarily meant to keep your hands safe. And maybe occasionally “persuade” your rival to a friendly duel with a “gentle” slap to the face (or the less satisfying “throwing down the gauntlet”). 

Now for some spells you can acquire from adding an infused crystal to your power gloves:

If you’ve got a life force crystal attached to your power glove you’ll be able to cast Restoring Whispers spell, this will restore some of your health over the next few seconds and buy you precious time to “deal” with the troublesome encounters on your path or try to disengage completely.

 Restoring Whispers spell description box.
Restoring Whispers Spell - NOT FINAL PRE ALPHA

If you’ve attached the power crystal, you will be able to cast Inner Breath and restore some of your stamina over a short period of time. This in turn should help you to either better avoid  your opponents strikes or convince them by force to stop messing with you.

Inner Breath spell description box.
Inner Breath Spell - NOT FINAL PRE ALPHA

Staying safe should be a priority so get yourself a pair a.s.a.p. for that extra “staying power” for each encounter, while supplementing your “stopping power” with your modular staff. Balance in all things and all that!

Hope they’ll help you get through the more dangerous encounters during your exploration of Azoria, Dreamers!

Until next time!

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