April 12, 2024
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Origins Game Mechanics: Extraction and Charging

Origins Game Mechanics: Extraction and Charging

A deeper look into the world of Origins: the fall of Azoria game mechanics and lore

Welcome back, Dreamers! Continuing from our last article on Origins Game Mechanics: Organic Matter, this time we’ll go into a little more detail on what you can actually do it with! Specifically we’ll touch on Extraction and Crystal Charging! Both are going to be essential on your journey into the World of Origins.

So you’ve found some OM in the wilds? Good job! Now, after a quick “interaction” with it you should be awarded some pickable OM!

Depending on the type you’ve found, well, let us assume you’ve found the Aloe Vera Plant! And how could you not? As you approach it, you will be able to pick the needed Organic matter.

Finding Organic Matter

And what you’ll get from it is this pickable OM right here:

Organic matter coming from plants can be very useful if you can find the rare items and put them in your inventory
Picking Organic Matter, example of what you can expect in game

Hm, let’s step it up a little bit and find something a little more exotic, shall we?

Eeny meeny miny moe. Vaidar Birds are a go!

There are many forms of Organic Matter, OM. Vaidar Birds have eggs and feathers with magical powers of weka.
Imagine coming across such a wonderful bird. Would you take their feathers or egg shells?

These guys have a chance to get you some useful pickable OM, be it “Vaidar Egg Shells”, “Vaidar Rubbery Feathers” from their nests. For the purpose of this example let’s go with the “Vaidar Egg Shells”!

Conveniently it seems it nested next to an Aloe Vera Plant! Lucky!

A concept art of the Vaidar bird protecting his nest and eggs. Can you get the feather?
A concept art of the Vaidar bird protecting his nest and eggs. Can you get the feather?

Creating Extract from your Organic Matter

Both the “Aloe Vera Flower” and the “Vaidar Egg Shells” share a Life Force property with each other. So let’s say you want to get some of that “Life Force” out of your precious Organic Matter.

Head on to your “Extraction” window and pick “Life Force”. Here you can choose all the compatible components in your inventory.

once you have organic matter, you can create extract from the life force to create a potion
Extracting Life Force from Organic Matter UX UI - NOT FINAL PRE ALPHA

Once selected, adjust the sliders and see how much extract you’d like to, well, extract out of the pickable OM you hold in your inventory.

Congratulations you have successfully created extract - UX UI - NOT FINAL PRE ALPHA

It is important to note that each extract will cost you some Weka to create. The more Extract Units, the higher the Weka cost. So keep that in mind, Dreamers!

After all that is complete, you’ll now own Life Force extract vial!

Drinking some life force from you vial will restore your health in the game
Youve got your first life force vial, a potion you can drink, example UX UI PRE ALPHA NOT FINAL

Congratulations, the next step is to use your newly gained item for Crystal Charging.

Crystal Infusing and Re-Charging

The process is pretty straightforward.

As we’ve already created some Life Force extract, let’s use it to recharge the Life Force crystal! Can’t go wrong here really.

Now go to your “Recharge Crystals” window. Similar as with the extraction window, you can only use relative materials to recharge the Infused Crystals.

Recharging Crystals UX UI - NOT FINAL PRE ALPHA

For every extract you’ll recharge the crystal by a certain amount, therefor always make sure to have some ready on you!

How to get the Infused Crystals? Well, I won’t let a perfectly good segway be wasted. That, our dear reader, we’ll discuss in the next article.

So stay tuned for the next Game Mechanics dev log: Crystal Infusion!

We’ll see you there!

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