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Origins Game Mechanics: Crystals and Spells

Origins Game Mechanics: Crystals and Spells

Origins Game Mechanics: Crystals and Spells

A deeper look into the world of Origins: the fall of Azoria focusing on the mysterious crystals and powerful spells

Hey Dreamers! Not exactly a direct continuation of the combat mechanics but it supplements parts of it. So if you haven't, check out the previous combat system article.

With that out of the way, let's start out with what makes spellcasting possible in the world of Azoria, the infused crystals.

As of now there are four types, each focused on a specific element and these are the Resonance, Life Force, Power and Enos crystals.

Starting with Resonance crystals, these are focused around tapping into the life force energy of Weka and empowering crystals to magnify the frequency and vibration to energetic outcomes. 

Resonance Crystal - Concept Art

The Life Force crystals unsurprisingly revolve around infusing and harnessing the essence of life, enabling items to which the crystals are attached to, an ability to heal and restore anyone within the item's power.

Life-Force Crystal - Concept Art

Moving onto Power crystal and as the name suggests they enhance the strength, speed and overall physical power beyond the natural ability of its wielder.

Power Crystal - Concept Art

Closing down with the Enos crystal, these powerful creations allow its user to tamper with the very time and space.

Enos Crystal - Concept Art

As we’re moving forward with development, the total number of crystals will increase to 17. Which means that there’s going to be quite a few spells to choose from since most, if not all parts of the modular staff along with the power glove offer a unique spell. 

There’s definitely going to be something to choose from!

And since we’re on the topic of spells, let’s delve into them.

Once you’ve got your modular staff assembled and your crystals infused, you’ll be able to use said crystals and attach them to each part of your staff. Which means you’ll get 3 active spell slots for your weapon.

Then there’s the power glove which will add 2 additional spell slots to choose from, coming down to 5 active spells at the same time.

Crystal slots for Modular Staff/Power Glove - NOT FINAL PRE-ALPHA

You can of course swap them out in your inventory as required, just keep an eye on the charges left in your crystal! Best not to run dry during an engagement.

Now depending on what crystal you place into a slot and which slot you’ve picked, you are going to get a different outcome. 

So for example if you put Power crystal into your glove, you will be able to cast Inner Breath, granting you the ability to restore your Endurance over a short period of time during combat.

                                      Inner Breath Spell - NOT FINAL ALPHA

Now if you’d place the same Power crystal into the base of your modular staff you’d instead be able to cast Indomitable Will buffing spell, increasing your movement speed and reducing the Endurance cost of each action that requires it.

                                      Inner Breath Spell - NOT FINAL ALPHA

To drive the point further, if you were to put the Enos crystal into the base part of your modular weapon, you’d be able to cast Timeless Prison to severely hamper your enemies mobility for a few seconds, adding some crowd control ability to your arsenal.

                                      Inner Breath Spell - NOT FINAL ALPHA

Overally, each available slot gets you a unique spell depending on what infused crystal you insert into it. Pick your favourites and switch them around as required for maximum efficiency!

Just remember that your modular staff has to be assembled with all 3 parts before you can use it. Both for combat and spell casting. And that the crystals are infused with some specific element with enough charges to be used.

Other than that, you’re good to go!

We’ll keep you posted as development continues and we add new features to the game. 

Until the next time Dreamers!

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