October 31, 2023
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Origins Game Mechanics: Skills Tree

Origins Game Mechanics: Skills Tree

Origins Game Mechanics: Skills Tree

A deeper look into the world of Origins: the fall of Azoria focusing on your avatar’s skills tree

Hey everyone, we’ve got a new Game Mechanics article for you! This time we’ll talk about the Skills Tree. 

As you explore the world during your adventures, there will be plenty of challenges that could be rather tricky to tackle. Whether it’s keeping a good supply of your restoration items or being able to go toe-to-toe with more powerful entities, you need an edge to keep you going.

Enter the Skills Tree! Whenever you gain a level, your character will acquire three points to put into your primary attributes and a single point that you can use to specialise your avatar..

Each tree will contain relevant improvements or downright unlock new skills/abilities. So, for example, if you fancy yourself as someone who strongly relies on crafting your own items, you can focus on the crafting skills tree to give your creations that extra oomph.

Looting and Crafting skills tree - NOT FINAL PRE ALPHA

Similarly, going down the spellcasting tree will cause your spells to bring swift victory against potential foes. Efficiency is important when dealing with conflicts during your adventures after all.

Magic Skills tree - NOT FINAL PRE ALPHA

Each unlockable skill can have the following requirements attached to it:

  • Quest - To be able to unlock the skill, you need to finish a necessary quest. It’ll be displayed as a Q icon.
  • Connection - Another skill from a different skill tree needs to be acquired before you can unlock it. It’s shown as an icon of a chain.
  • Additional points cost - Certain skills have a higher cost than regular, don’t worry though, it’ll be clearly visible before you commit your precious points.
  • Tree connection - To unlock the skill you need to invest a certain amount of points inside the skill tree. So for example if a skill requires 5 tree connection points, you must have invested 5 skill points inside that specific skill tree before having a chance to unlock the skill itself.

To make things simple, selecting the skill you’d wish to procure will give you a quick description about the necessary steps you need to take for it to happen. So no need to worry about “figuring” anything out, all the information is right there!

Skill description - NOT FINAL PRE ALPHA

The playstyle is up to you, as always. Be hyper focused fighting machine, a careful “explorer” with a way around locks or simply a jack of all trades. The choices are yours to make and each should let you achieve success in the end! Or in the worst case scenario, enjoy yourself while spectacularly failing every single time. Adversity builds character or something like that?

In all seriousness, unless you purposefully handicap your build, you should be able to complete the game no matter your character build. Even if some parts may be tougher than the others… Choice and consequences Dreamers!

That’s it from us for now, see you next time!

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