October 26, 2023
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Origins Game Mechanics: Inventory

Origins Game Mechanics: Inventory

A deeper look into the world of Origins: the fall of Azoria with focus on the inventory system.

Hey Dreamers! Glad you could join us in our newest game mechanics article, we’ll focus on how the inventory system works in Origins: The Fall of Azoria. Let’s begin sorting through it!

Anyone who ever played a game with even the most basic inventory management should be aware of the basic functions and its usage, but no reason to not introduce the general ideas and concepts of it to the newcomers.

In the weapons screen you can quickly equip your modular parts, elixirs, add crystals to your modular weapon and power glove and have a look at your characters primary and secondary attributes. 

Your character screen, modify your weapon/power glove and crystals here.
Weapons Screen - NOT FINAL PRE ALPHA

The equipment screen allows you to… well, equip yourself! It also shows your characters primary and secondary attributes, just like the weapons screen.

Character equipment screen, gear your character up as you wish!
Equipment Screen - NOT FINAL PRE ALPHA

Whether it’s equipping more powerful gear or selecting spells that supplement your playstyle, it’s all available on these two comprehensible screens. 

Anytime you find a new gear, best to give it a quick comparison with whatever you’ve got equipped. No reason to let that legendary gear just sit in the pack wasting away, is there?

Each gear will give you a brief description of any increases or decreases from equipping it. Any increase in stats will show up in green colour, while decrease will be shown as red. Of course you’ll also get a numeric description as to the difference between the final values, no need to break out the calculator.

A descriptive screen for swapping your gear.
Armor Swap Screen- NOT FINAL PRE ALPHA

You can also see what affects your secondary attributes by tapping respective icons for specifics. All the important information at the tip of your fingers!

Secondary stats breakdown of all bonuses affecting the attribute.
Secondary Attributes Breakdown - NOT FINAL PRE ALPHA

Once you’re done fiddling around with these two screens, you can then proceed into your inventory system to check out the contents of your adventurer's bag. This is where you’ll be holding all the items you’ve picked up. You can play around with the filter if your bag is full of stuff to make it easier to locate what you’re looking for.

As you can see, your inventory has a limited amount of space, so it’s important to plan ahead whenever going to explore the wilderness for OM and other resources. Wouldn’t want to run out of space while finding some rare ingredients!

Inventory screen with options for selected item.
Inventory screen - NOT FINAL PRE ALPHA

Each item will have a description box with available options depending on its purpose. For example, a modular weapon part will allow you to compare its stats to a similar modular weapon part inside your bag but also allow you to equip it from this very screen.

If you were to select a consumable item, such as an elixir, it would give you an option to use it directly from there, or add it into the active item slot to allow you to use it during your exploration at any moment.

You can also add any item into your “favourites” to always have it show up at the top left grid of your inventory, useful if you use something a lot and don’t feel like looking it up every single time.

In case of being overburdened with items, you can also discard some of them to make room for more important ones. The hardest choices require the strongest wills…

Screen for discarding your precious items.
Item Discard Screen - NOT FINAL PRE ALPHA

Well, with all that information, we trust that you should have no trouble managing your precious gear and inventory. 

Hope most of this information was comprehensible enough. 

As always, look forward to our future Game Mechanics articles, take care Dreamers!

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