April 12, 2024
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Origins Game Mechanics: Organic Matter (OM)

Origins Game Mechanics: Organic Matter (OM)

A deeper look into the world of Origins: the fall of Azoria game mechanics and lore

Warm welcome, Dreamers! As mentioned in the previous article (Dev Log 1), we’ll touch on the concepts in a little more detail. But don’t worry, we’ll take just the “right” amount of your time. Onto the deeper look into Origins Game Mechanics: Organic Matter then!

As you’ve (hopefully) managed to notice, Organic Matter or OM for short, is a pretty important part of the world of Azoria. Think plants and trees in our world, but with more exotic and mystical history behind their creation and function. Despite the fact that they are spread out around the world, each of them has a use that you, as an adventurer, may benefit from. Their very existence comes from Weka itself. Thanks to that, their gifts come in many forms. A powerful ingredient used in crafting and charging, a very core mechanic of the world! Some may empower your very own Life Force. Imagine!

Jelly Pads are one of many types of Organic Matter found in Origins, The Fall of Azoria
These are some examples of how the Jelly Pads are designed and developed for use in game - NOT FINAL PRE ALPHA

Actually, why imagine it if you can just see it instead? Let’s talk about… Jelly Pads. Indeed, you’ll encounter them all over Azoria, as they are commonly found around water sources, but they have a great potential within themselves.

Since we’ve got your attention, how about we give you a quick look at its creation? You’ve read that right, the making of Jelly Pads themselves.

Just as in nature, a full blossom takes time. One step at a time, one process of the whole sequence.

Our artists bring their creativity to life, just as nature perfects its own creation.

Once this step is concluded, with the help of the visual aid from our 2d team, it moves onto its mature and complete form.

Jelly Pads, organic matter, shown in 3D design to show how game assets are designed and developed for eventual game play
From Initial designs to 3D blended concepts to arrive at Jelly Pads in game - NOT FINAL PRE ALPHA

The end result achieved! From an initial seedling or in case of the asset, an idea; through a process of growth and hard work; the final prize takes shape. Our short story of creation, concluded.

But this is just one part of the whole story. The Jelly Pads can share their bounty with you, within the game.

The most commonly found part will be its Tentacles. As even the youngest of species grow them to sustain themselves with nutrients. With age, their gifts grow, and they become adorned with Droplets. These are quite rare in comparison. The main prize though comes from the Flower itself. Indeed, only the oldest of its species manage to produce this legendary component. Each bound to a different property. Each sharing its unique power to assist you in your adventures.

Organic Matter, OM, one of the most essential items needed for crating in the game
Inventory for Organic Matter - NOT FINAL PRE ALPHA

These powers must be first extracted through…

The Resonance Table, a true gift for those capable of utilising it. Fear not, though. We will have our expert share its secrets with you. With his guidance, you’ll quickly become a master of its craft to empower yourself.

Within the next couple of weeks, we’ll go into more detail about how crafting works in the world of Azoria. Join us next week as we talk about extraction from OM and charging crystals. All shall be revealed! So stay tuned for the upcoming articles. We’ll see you soon, Dreamer!

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