April 12, 2024
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Good News Development Log # 8

Good News Development Log # 8

Good News Development Log # 8

Enemy rooster, UI, combat tweaks and more in our bi-weekly report on the progress for Origins: The Fall of Azoria.

Hey Dreamers! Good News Development Logs are back after a brief break! Let's see what goodies Damian and his team got for us since last time, shall we?

The rooster of potential enemy encounters seems to be growing. This time it’s the Lizard bodyguard and a fearsome Dakaro Pit Boss, it seems like he’s bound to be a tough fighter to handle. Best face him fully prepared!

Pit boss definitely doesn't seem the "friendly" type...

There were some changes to combat engagements, specifically in terms of in-battle recharge rate of your endurance to increase the dynamic of each “conflict resolution”. 

And here’s a list of other updates/fixes:

  • Updated: Enemies respawn
  • Updated: Made changes to scene lighting
  • Updated: Spell VFX
  • Updated: Equipment UI for 3-panel display
  • Updated: Pick up UI for chests and enemy loot to show more information
  • Updated: Higher quality SFX for foot steps and balanced audio
  • Updated: Arranged several enemy encounters in combat arena
  • Updated: Item Detail UI
  • Updated: Skill Tree UI
The most up-to-date skill tree UI.
  • Updated: Skill Point UI
The most up-to-date skill point UI.
  • Fixed: Player weapon attacks do not pause in between attacks so combos appear smoother
  • Fixed Glow effect when using VFX 
  • Fixed: Misc bug fixes

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading this as much as our team enjoyed creating it!

Till next time Dreamers!

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