April 12, 2024
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Good News Development Log # 16

Good News Development Log # 16

Good News Development Log # 16

Climbing mechanic, updates to dialogue system and quest editor, bug fixes and more in our biweekly report on the progress for Origins: The Fall of Azoria.

Welcome back to the Dev Logs Dreamers!

Since our game will be as much about exploration as it is about action and puzzles, we’ve added an ability to traverse vertically! Ladders and certain ledges will allow you to discover new paths and potentially some secret locations. So keep your eyes peeled!

Improvements were made to both dialogue and quest systems for better comprehensibility and easier modifications for existing and new entries for both. This should speed up and simplify both processes and allow a lot more efficient workflow. 

As new things get added, conflicts arise, so the team is always on the lookout for any and all bugs. It may be tedious but each bug removed is one less problem to deal with in the future!

Here’s a full list of changes and additions:

  • Added: Climbing system: hanging, climbing up and down and ladder mechanic
  • Added: New HUD user interface
  • Added: Inventory drop item to map mechanic
  • Updated: Dialogue system for Maara
  • Updated: Mapped object container logic for chests, enemy drops, OM.
  • Updated: Quest editor system
  • Bug Fixed: Camera’s vertical sensitivity on a mobile device
  • Bug Fixed: Character’s death handler
  • Bug Fixed: Camera lock on target issue when enabling camera collision

Our work towards the release of Origins: The Fall of Azoria, continues!

Until next time Dreamers!

About Dreams Quest 

Dreams Quest is a diversified entertainment company building fantasy and dream-like content that is both breathtaking and adventurous, driving the soul to learn and explore even more.

Origins: The Fall of Azoria, is the first instalment of an open-world, action-adventure roleplaying game. Players will be confronted with a world fast deteriorating, and an existential threat facing Azoria that must be resolved. Players will face a variety of conflicts and must learn how to interact with the natural world to repair and heal what is broken.

‍Dreams Quest is building a unique world through mythology and story, whose sole purpose is to share ancient knowledge, to awaken the soul and to re-teach methods of healing and growth long since forgotten. The company is developing a range of content including film, TV, music and games.

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