April 12, 2024
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Good News Development Log # 15

Good News Development Log # 15

Good News Development Log # 15

Updated attribute system, improvements to dialogue editor, additional combat animations and more in our biweekly report on the progress for Origins: The Fall of Azoria.

Hey Dreamers!

January’s been busy for our development team, many already existing things are being reworked and improved. We’re in the process of implementing all the changes while simultaneously adding more. So again, a busy period for sure! 

In the meantime let's talk about the most recent additions!

More combat animations are being created and are being implemented into the game itself, we’ll be showing these off as soon as they’re fully tested and approved.

As mentioned previously, there were some tweaks to the attribute system to fit Matteo’s (our game developer) vision a little bit better. We’ll share the improvements to the character development as soon as they are fully fleshed out!

Big improvements in the way dialogue is implemented has been made. This should allow adding new dialogue, tracking conditions, events etc way easier, thus speeding up the whole process. 

As usual, here’s the short comprehensive list for all the updates:

  • Added: New animation for Dash, Chain Attack, Charged Attack
  • Added: New main attributes/ secondary attributes based on GD's intention
  • Added: Combat system for humanoid enemies
  • Added: New VFX for top/bottom parts of weapons hide/unhide when in/out combat mode
  • Updated: Dialogue system editor upgrade for writer & game designer 
  • Updated: Map object system for Intractable/damageable objects in game
  • Updated: New weapon models & modifiers implementation when equipping items
  • Bug Fixed: Camera changing from peace to combat mode

Our team is excited at the new pace of development at the beginning of this year, we’re looking forward to releasing new updates as they come!

Until next time Dreamers.

About Dreams Quest 

Dreams Quest is a diversified entertainment company building fantasy and dream-like content that is both breathtaking and adventurous, driving the soul to learn and explore even more.

Origins: The Fall of Azoria, is the first instalment of an open-world, action-adventure roleplaying game. Players will be confronted with a world fast deteriorating, and an existential threat facing Azoria that must be resolved. Players will face a variety of conflicts and must learn how to interact with the natural world to repair and heal what is broken.

‍Dreams Quest is building a unique world through mythology and story, whose sole purpose is to share ancient knowledge, to awaken the soul and to re-teach methods of healing and growth long since forgotten. The company is developing a range of content including film, TV, music and games.

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