April 12, 2024
3 mins

Good News Development Log #1

Good News Development Log #1

Good news everyone!

Greetings Dreamers! Today we’re happy to announce a bi-weekly series that we’ve decided to dub: “Good News Dev log”. Shout out to our Lead Dev Damian for providing us with the list of changes and improvements! As the name implies, we’ll be sharing the Good news on the progress we’ve achieved. Lets see what we’ve got for you then, shall we?

Techie stuff

In the recent weeks we’ve made great strides in optimising the workflow procedures. Thanks to continuous work on improving the processes, we’ve begun implementing tighter control on the quality of each new build. As we proceed with new tasks, the current system has an increased frequency of deliveries. Resulting in a tighter feedback loop and improved overall efficiency for both planning and production. Communication, afterall, is a key component of every success. We’ve also begun the process of game integration into web2 and web3. We will continue to put the effort into bringing you our vision to life! So bear with us as we go into a little bit more detail about everything we describe here in the future!

And now for some little sneak peak and description about our most recent game features and also screenshots!

Fun stuff

For those who wish to dedicate themselves in the arts of alchemy and mysticism, we’ve got good news! The collection of Organic Matter has been implemented along with charging, extracting

Recharging crystals can be done by charging them to fill them up to full charge
Charging: Work in progress UX design — NOT FINAL PRE ALPHA

You can extract organic matter to also use to infuse crystals to fill them up to full charge
Extracting: Work in progress UX design — NOT FINAL PRE ALPHA

When you find a resonance table, you can use use the full power of organic matter to really create amazing spells to infuse crystals
Infusing Crystals: Work in progress UX design — NOT FINAL PRE ALPHA

A full crafting system one step closer!

Indeed, Azoria has definitely plenty to find and discover. Luckily you’ll have a handy Wekapedia to organise all the information you’ll find.

the wekapedia is a game codex to provide the players with additional side quests as well as to store backstory and mythology
Wekapedia (Codex): Work in progress UX design — NOT FINAL PRE ALPHA

No reason to be lost, even with all the knowledge you shall find in your journey! Worse case scenario you’ll find a useful tutorial to guide your next steps.

Not everyone has Azoria’s best interests in mind. To fulfil your quest, you need to grow in power. Through completing quests and resolving conflicts you’ll be one step closer to uncovering the secret of your arrival! Use the rewards you receive for the benefit of both the realm and yourself, dreamer!

Of course, visuals and mechanics are cornerstones of any game. It is a mistake to forget about sound and the music.

Last but not least, we’ve got our Hooded character taking a breather!

A sample of the UX UI for Origins, The Fall of Azoria
Work in progress UX design — NOT FINAL PRE ALPHA

Our work with Adam Berry (adamberry.com) will bring a truly spectacular soundtrack and help us bring you even further into our world.

Also on the list of recent additions:

  • Improved input with on screen joysticks
  • Added more icons for inventory items
  • Added Settings for Graphics, Audio and Controls
  • Reworked crystal recharging UI and mechanics
  • Misc updates character equipment UI
  • Enabled equip and unequip of all weapons and gloves
  • Increased camera field of view and handling to better see the world

As you can see we’re closer to bringing the world of Dreams for all of us to enjoy. We’ll keep you posted as new features develop and improve! Until next time Dreamers!

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