April 12, 2024
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Good News Development Log # 14

Good News Development Log # 14

Good News Development Log # 14

Update to the UI, more combat animations bug fixes and more in our biweekly report on the progress for Origins: The Fall of Azoria.

Happy New Year Dreamers! 

Hope you’ve had a wonderful holiday season and didn’t suffer too much on the 1st of January, and if you did, then it must’ve been worth it in the first place!

Since our team has a few new team members, we’ve had some changes and updates in our workflow, optimization and development process. Basically building a strong foundation to improve any future game updates. 

There are also changes to our current UI style, these are still quite fresh and need to be tripled checked before fully implemented. 


While all of that is happening, our animation team is tirelessly working on creating new animations for already existing and approved mechanics. Like charged attack and chain charged attack. 

What’s a charged attack? 

Well, we’ve got some breakdown of the biggest combat mechanics here if you’re interested.

And here’s a shortlist for your convenience:

  • Added: New UI Style (V2.0) for HUD & Character Window
  • Added: New Dialogue System for Zone 1 
  • Added: New Animation for Charged Attack & Chain Charged Attack
  • Updated: Upgraded Unity to latest LTS Version to better performance & Support
  • Updated: Refactored Combat Mechanism to be expandable for new mechanics
  • Updated: Upgraded and integrated all of Library for a better performance & experience
  • Bug Fixed: Camera Angle for different Player State
  • Bug Fixed: Targeting System Logic to aim at a current Target in Combat System
  • Bug Fixed: Attribute System with Secondary Attribute when Player is in a Combat State

Just like last year, we’ll keep working on the game and keep you informed about the progress we’ve made.

Until next time, Dreamers!

About Dreams Quest 

Dreams Quest is a diversified entertainment company building fantasy and dream-like content that is both breathtaking and adventurous, driving the soul to learn and explore even more.

Origins: The Fall of Azoria, is the first instalment of an open-world, action-adventure roleplaying game. Players will be confronted with a world fast deteriorating, and an existential threat facing Azoria that must be resolved. Players will face a variety of conflicts and must learn how to interact with the natural world to repair and heal what is broken.

Dreams Quest is building a unique world through mythology and story, whose sole purpose is to share ancient knowledge, to awaken the soul and to re-teach methods of healing and growth long since forgotten. The company is developing a range of content including film, TV, music and games.

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