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Crystals in Water: Harnessing the Power of Crystal Elixirs

Crystals in Water: Harnessing the Power of Crystal Elixirs

Crystals can grant many benefits to their users. But there are ways to increase their potency even further. One such way is to create Crystal Elixirs with them. Allow us to show you a small glimpse of their vast applications in this article.

Introduction to Crystals and Crystal Elixirs

Short Introduction to Crystals

Many different shapes and sizes, each crystal providing a set of benefits to their owner.
Source: fossilera.com

Crystals come in many shapes, sizes, colours etc. There is something they have in common though and that is their innate power that comes from the depths of the Earth. Indeed, our very planet fills them with energy. Crystals can offer a variety of beneficial things to their owners. It could be stress reduction, love, wealth or good luck attraction, each can offer you something. We will talk about basic concepts that you can use to your benefit, but also focus on elixirs you can create with their help.

Understanding the Benefits and Significance of Crystal-Infused Water

We can all agree that water is important. We are all, in large part, made out of water. Roughly around 60% for an average adult and 70% for children. And it's not just hydration, it's also for keeping your body temperature regulated and allowing your body processes to function well too. There's plenty of good that water does for you and a way to improve how your body interacts with it too. By Crystal-Infusing water you will allow the crystals to transfer its vibration into the drinkable water. And depending on the crystals you might use, it can affect you in a variety of beneficial ways.

Choosing Crystals for Water Infusion

Selecting Safe and Non-Toxic Crystals for Water

Before you are ready to infuse your water with crystals, make sure you pick the ones that are safe to put in water. The Quartz family is considered safe for this purpose. Here’s a site that you might find useful to select crystals that are “water safe” and “water unsafe” for drinking and consumption.!

Always remember to clean your crystals before putting them in the water, as there might be some bacteria or debris on them. Remember safety always comes first!

Avoiding Toxic Crystals and Water-Soluble Minerals

Some crystals, such as Pyrite or Galena, can cause you harm if consumed by putting them in water. It is very important to confirm their “water-safety” before any elixir creation takes place. If you’re in doubt, go ahead and check this link out!

Minerals and stones that are ideal for water Purification

Shungite boulder ready to be mined.
Source: dancingwithwater.com

Shungite is a very interesting mineraloid that is rarely occurring around the world. There is a very large deposit located at lake Onega in Russia and with some smaller deposits in Austria, India, Democratic Republic of Congo and Kazakhstan. Shungite possess impressive purification properties used for centuries by natives who live near these naturally occurring deposits. Since their discovery Shungite were used to provide a wide variety of health benefits, whether by direct consumption of water filtered through it or using it to wash one’s body. Some may include:

  • Reduces inflammation
  • Eases physical ailments
  • Reduces oxidative stress

Preparing Crystal-Infused Water

Cleansing and Charging Crystals for Water Infusion

A very straightforward crystal cleansing method. Be sure not to drop it though!
Source: nibbledapple.com

Depending on the type of crystal you have, there are a few ways of cleansing crystals for Water Infusion. Some cleansing methods are pretty straightforward, such as using soapy water to rinse the crystals. . Some crystals may require soaking them in salt water to be cleansed, while others can be cleansed by other crystals!

It's important, though, to keep track of your crystals and to keep them properly maintained on a regular basis. Some crystals may need more frequent cleansing than the others, so it's a good practice to keep track of the types of crystals you have in your possession.

In Energising, similarly to Cleansing, there are a variety of ways to charge your crystals. depending on each type of crystal you possess.

One method is to place your crystals outside during a full moon. The energy during a full moon provides the most efficient way to get your crystals charged up.

In some cases it's even recommended to bury the crystals in soil outside while in other cases, just leaving them exposed to the moon is sufficient.

Some crystals benefit the most from being placed in natural sunlight when recharging and energising them.

When using natural sunlight, it is important to remember that sun amplified by certain crystals can cause fire. So for extra safety it’s best to charge your crystals in a fire-proof area.

Methods for Infusing Crystals in Water (Direct and Indirect)


Best to make sure you remove water or crystals before consuming elixir.
Source: trulyexperiences.com

First of all, it is always best to make sure your crystals are thoroughly cleaned of any bacteria or dirt.

Before proceeding, always make sure the crystals you intend to use will not create any adverse or negative effects.

Once you have chosen the desired crystal with the types of effects you want it to have, then you can set an intention for your crystal to maximise the benefits. You do this by holding the crystal and imagining what your desired outcome or goal is, and then placing the crystal into the water.

To prepare the water, take your charged (clean or energised) crystal and place it into a clear container, and then fill it up with drinkable water.

After that, seal or cover the container so nothing can get inside.

The last step is to simply let the water absorb the energy and vibration of the crystal. Then leave it overnight and it will be ready to drink in the morning.  Simply strain the water and store it in any water container that you can seal to drink later. If desired, you can also leave the crystal in the water and retrieve it after you finish the water too (just make sure you have a way to filter the water so that you don’t accidentally consume the crystal).


The indirect method prevents the crystal from having any direct contact with the water, but still enables you to infuse the energy and vibration of the crystal into the water safely.

Place the crystal into a smaller jar or glass container that can be completely sealed. Fill this smaller container with water and place the crystal inside and then seal it tightly so that no water may escape.

Then place the drinkable water into a larger jar or bowl, and place the smaller sealed jar into the drinkable water. It is also recommended to seal the larger bowl or jar after placing the smaller jar with the crystal in the drinkable water.

Now the energy and vibrations will pass through the glass without directly touching the drinkable water, making it possible to infuse the drinkable water in a safe and harmless way.

Leave it overnight, remove the small jar with the crystal, and voila, your indirectly Crystal-Infused water is ready to drink.

Crystal Elixirs and Their Benefits

A convenient jug to keep yourself and your loved ones hydrated with your Crystal Infused Water Elixirs!
Source: unicrystals.net

Clear Quartz: Amplification and Clarity

Well known for its “master healer” role. When ingested as an elixir it amplifies its usual benefits even further, benefits such as great improvement of mind clarity and increased stress reduction from outside influences. It’s full of positive energy which should amplify any other effects of other crystals.

Rose Quartz: Love and Conflict resolution

When creating Rose Quartz elixir, bear in mind its increased potency over the regular crystal. As it causes greater attraction from others it is important to be cautious with it. On the other hand, it does help to keep conflicts and disagreements away from you.

Amethyst: Protection and Emotional healing

Amethyst is a great boon for everyone dealing with negative emotions or in need of emotional healing. Ingesting this elixir should help greatly with your general well-being as well as mental anguish.

Conclusion: How to weave this into your daily life

Now that you have a basic understanding of crystals and crystal elixirs, here are a few examples of how you might consider using crystals more frequently.

Drinking Crystal-Infused Water

One thing you can do is just make a nice crystal infused elixir every night before you go to sleep. Do some research, see what types of crystals you want to have influencing your life, and give it a try. Whether it's Clear Quartz healing benefits or Citrine prosperity, now you can enjoy those as their energy and vibration affect you directly from within.

Using Crystal Elixirs for Baths

Here’s another idea. You can add some of the crystal infused water into a nice hot bath. And no need to worry if you’re also using bath salts. The elixir is safe to use together with bath salts. Simply add the elixir when the tub is around quarter full.

There are in fact many ways to bring crystals into your life to help you with any ailments or goals to improve yourself in a variety of ways. Just remember to make sure you check the crystal and whether it has any toxicity before you place it into water directly or follow an indirect method to infuse that crystal into your water.

Now imagine how many other ways we can also weave crystals and infusion into a mystical world such as what we have done within Dreams Quest. To learn more about all of the other aspects of our world, check out some of our other blogs about crystals and infusing them in our world.

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