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Origins Game Mechanics: Attributes

Origins Game Mechanics: Attributes

A deeper look into the world of Origins: the fall of Azoria focusing on your avatars primary and secondary attributes.

Good to have you back, Dreamers! Just as we’ve mentioned in the previous article, we’re here with the Origins Game Mechanics: Attributes. And there’s quite a bit of information in this one, so buckle up cause we’re going in!

Introducing a completely new and never seen before concept in any game ever before, the concept of levelling up! So once you gain sufficient “experience” points you’re going to… Huh? It’s not new? Haaaaa, of course! It was, uh… a bit… and there’s definitely not half of the script being scrapped right this very moment…

Anyways, once you’ve reached a certain amount of experience points and gained a “level up”, you get to decide where you wish to add your brand new three attribute points.

You’ve got three choices to make here. 

Character screen UI.
Primary Attributes UI - NOT FINAL PRE ALPHA

The first one is Life Force. It’s pretty straightforward honestly, enemies tend to do their best to reduce your health to 0. Adding points here will buy you precious time so that you can force them to cease their shenanigans. Useful for all characters.

Next on the list is Power. During combat and extensive exploration efforts, you will be depleting your endurance bar. As opposed to your Life Force stat, it will be YOU who’ll be the main culprit in draining it. Your overall combat performance is generally tied to it, so if you favour direct combat be sure to subsc-, er, invest into it. It may give a “vibe” of being more action oriented but everyone should benefit from increasing it to some degree.

Last but not least is the Resonance. This attribute is responsible for your Weka reserves, which allows you to engage in spellslinging for longer. Also useful whenever you need to charge your crystals away from the Resonance Table. Your to-go stat if you’re used to playing “mages”. But as with the other two, it can benefit everyone.

Indeed, all three will be useful, so the actual playstyle will depend on your own preference. Even if it’s just yelling and charging your opponents. Cause if it works, it works!

Now that the easy part is out of the way, let's jump into the secondary attributes. 

This is where things get a little bit meatier. So to alleviate the suffering of reading a lot, we’ll just address a few of each. 

So as before with the Primary Attributes, we’ve got these as Secondary Attributes categories: Life Force, Resonance, Power and Enlightenment. Each of these categories contain Secondary Attributes empowered by the primary attribute as well as the equipment. So be on the lookout for the gear fitting your build the most!

Power secondary attribute stats.
Power Secondary Attributes - NOT FINAL PRE ALPHA

This time let's start with Power. As you’d expect its main focus is on direct combat and making sure you’ve got the endurance to stay in the fight.

A choice three of the attributes contained in it would be:

  • Critical chance: Going for the eyes is a valid strategy. The higher the value of this stat, the higher chance that the attack will cause extra damage to your opponent. 

  • Critical damage: Hit them hard so that they feel it! The extra damage you’ll inflict everytime you score a successful critical hit. 

  • Power regeneration: You keep going and going and going… A bonus to your Endurance regeneration.  

Should work well for characters who want to end the opponents as fast as possible.

Life Force secondary attribute stats.
Life Force Secondary Attributes - NOT FINAL PRE ALPHA

Now for the Life Force secondary attribute. Yup! It’s exactly what you’d think it would focus on, you being alive for as long as possible and making sure your enemy regrets targeting you.

For the choice three, its gotta be:

  • Defence: If you can’t dodge attacks, just absorb most of them. Reduce the damage you receive from successful enemy attacks against you. 

  • Reflection: Sharing is caring, might as well share the pain as well! Deal portion of the damage received from successful enemy attacks back onto them(does not reduce damage received). 

  • Life Force Regeneration: As long as you’re alive, you’re coming back! Speeds up the natural passive health regeneration. 

Staying in the fight for a long time, while making the enemy regret attacking you

Resonance secondary attribute stats.
Resonance Secondary Attributes - NOT FINAL PRE ALPHA

Now for a more mystically focused secondary attribute, the Resonance. This one is for all the spellcasting enthusiasts, hit them harder for longer!

Here are three random Resonance attributes:

  • Crystal Capacity: Because more of a good thing is always useful. Increases the maximum amount of charges crystal can possess before they need to be recharged. 

  • Damage with (type) Crystal: Your enemies will FEEL each offensive spell. Every spell from the “Resonance/Life Force/Power/Enos” type crystals will deal extra damage per successful hit. 

  • Wekasteal: You’re going to make better use of it than they will. Each successful hit on the enemy will restore some of your depleted Weka reserves. 

If you fancy casting spells as your primary way of playing, you should keep an eye on the Resonance secondary attributes.

Enlightenment secondary attribute stats.
Enlightenment Secondary Attributes - NOT FINAL PRE ALPHA

The final secondary attribute is the Enlightenment. Its main focus is on getting the most out of your encounters and exploration. Be it precious loot or extra experience but also your movement speed.

And now for the final choice three from the Enlightenment secondary attribute:

  • Gold Drop Chance: KA-CHING! Increases the chance of gold being part of the loot after a combat encounter. 

  • Double Drop Chance: Double the drop, double the fun! Gives a chance to double the potential drops from your enemies after a successful combat encounter. 

  • Bonus Experience: Knowledge is power. Increase the amount of experience you receive from any source. 

For everyone who just loves squeezing maximum value out of every encounter.

Congratulations! You’ve managed to reach the end of part one of the article. 

Since we respect your time, we’ve decided to break it down into two parts, the second part will expand on secondary attributes while mentioning some parts about equipment as well. Before that, we’ll talk about Elixirs.

So until then, take care Dreamers!

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